Home Based Learning


The new norm in Malaysia’s education environment has changed the perception of education. Parents have been worried about children’s education, safety & health. Among the problem shared by parents are:

  1. 6 years old still can’t read, write and count.
  2. Children don’t seem to focus and cope when parent teaches at home.
  3. Parents don’t have enough time on their hand to teach children in a proper way.
  4. Parents don’t know how to teach their children like teachers do.
  5. Children will be exposed to health risk if they going to tuition center.
  6. Children easily distracted with TV, Internet videos & games at home.
  7. And many more.

Put your worries aside! Little Caliph Tadika Khalifah Budiman (LCTKB) has solution for you!!
We are proudly present one of the best methods to study during this MCO period, The Home Based Learning (HBL). We open to all parents across Malaysia, from 4 years age to 6 years age. Many are satisfied with our services and children love every bit of it

“Seronok dia buat eksperimen hari ni. Syabas TKB.” – Ibu Nurul.

And another testimony from another parents;

“Memang kalau latihan, dia akan ajak buat. Tak payah tunggu saya suruh. Tapi tu la, kadang bila nak ajar si abang, dia pun kalut la nak suruh ajar dia juga.” – Ibu Akhlan

Shy student at first. And then…

Thank you for the effort teachers, and Hasya is quite shy at first.. Dia kata bukan teacher Hasya.. tapi lepas tu okay je tulis. – Ibu Hasya

Our parents confident with our session duration;

30 minutes just nice untuk cover 2 subject – Ibu Rania

Hafiy really miss his school environment. It seems he is really excited in his session;

Seronok dia. Dapat juga lepaskan rindu school. Mula-mula nampak dia macam tak yakin. Tapi bila lama-lama teacher dah “tackle” kids ni semua, baru dia yakin dan ceria dengan keluarkan suara yang kuat. – Ibu Hafiy

And one of the important thing in our session is;

Dia seronok bila ada kelas online – Bapa Hanania

We offers up to 7 ways of learning for your children to learn and enjoy effectively and safely at home. Class will be conducted by our experience teachers in handling class using Little Caliphs (LC) Module.

What will you get?

  1. Reading: 2 times a week
  2. Online Class: 2 times a week
  3. Worksheet: Everyday
  4. Online quiz: Everyday
  5. Learning Video: Everyday
  6. Google Classroom: Coming soon

Our available time slots for you to choose.


  • Our Registration Fee: RM 150 (1 time payment)
  • Monthly Fee: RM 155
  • Day: every Tuesday and Thursday (except public holiday) (2 sessions per week)
  • Duration per session: 30 minutes
  • Early Bird Promo: RM 50 TKB Mall Voucher limited for first 30 seats!
  • Special Early Bird Promo for Siblings Registration: Discount RM 10 on every monthly fee

What are you waiting for? REGISTER HBL for your children and claim your EARLY BIRD PROMO now!

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